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Fender Twisted Tele pickups


As Heard on
Various Fender Custom Shop Telecaster® guitars

Fender Twisted Tele pickups deliver hot high-output 
Telecaster guitar tone with a dash of sparkling Stratocaster® guitar character. 
Each pickup is tailored to its position (neck and bridge) to achieve its individual sonic character. 
The neck pickup's taller bobbin is designed to accommodate more windings, 
combined with a slightly shorter bridge pickup bobbin for dark full-bodied midrange.

Tonal Characteristics

Formvar-coated neck pickup magnet wire adds brightness and glassiness
Enamel-coated bridge pickup magnet wire delivers warm vintage-style tones
Flush-mount polepieces produce even string response
Alnico 5 magnets add more focus and enhanced dynamics
Product Details
Period-correct cloth output wire and fiber bobbin construction
Includes nickel/silver neck pickup cover for clear Tele tone
Included Components
Fender Custom Shop Twisted Tele pickups come with all parts needed for installation, including:
Mounting screws
Pickup height adjustment tubing
Wiring diagram
Wiring harness

Output Rating (Bass/Middle/Treble)
Neck: 6/5/6
Bridge: 5/5/6
DC Resistance 
10.5k ohms
4.2 henries

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