Dimarzio DP182W. Fast Track 2™, B

Dimarzio DP182W. Fast Track 2™, B

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Beskrivelse av artikkelen

  • DP182W. Fast Track 2™, Bridge pickup.

    It's not any bigger than a single-coil pickup, but the sound of the Fast Track 2™ puts it right in the wide open, "everything-on-11" school. It's got three times the output of an average single-coil, with a huge mid-range and bass punch and a strong resemblance to the Super 3™. This is our hottest single-coil sized bridge pickup particularly useful when you need a tightly focused jolt of power to crank your amplifier into rich overdrive. Combining it with a Pro Track™, Air Norton S™, BC-1™ orThe Chopper™ in the neck position and The Cruiser® or Fast Track 1™in the middle makes a guitar with an outstanding, heavy sound.

    Recommended For Bridge position.

    Tech Talk
    To get some sense of the Fast Track 2™, it's best to think of it as a Strat®-sized version of the Super 3™, the pickup it most closely resembles. Using a 500K volume control will open up the top end, and we recommend this value. The best neck pickup choices with the Fast Track 2™ would be relatively hot models like the The Chopper™, Pro Track™. Air Norton S™ and BC-1™. We recommend brighter models like the Cruiser™ or Fast Track 1™ in the middle. You can also mix it with Stratier pickups like the Area and Virtual Vintage® lines, if you're prepared for the jump in power of the bridge position.

    Specs. DP182W:
    Finish: White.
    Pole rails: Black.
    Wiring: 4 Conductor.
    Magnet: Ceramic.
    Output mV: 321.
    DC Resistance: 18.07 Kohm.
    Year of Introduction: 1991.
    Patent: 4,501,185.

    Tone Guide
    Output: 143

    Bass: 5.5

    Mid: 4.5

    Treble: 8.0