NUX NDL-5 JTC Drum - Loop PRO

NUX NDL-5 JTC Drum - Loop PRO

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NUX NDL-5 JTC Drum & Loop PRO

JTC Drum & Loop PRO Dual Switch Looper Pedal

24-bit audio quality
6 hours recording time
256 memories
Drums: 25 4/4 beats, 10 3/4 drum beats, 5 shuffle beats
Drum tempo 40-240
2start modes, 3 stop modes
One shot player
2 Loop switch modes Record play and Record-Overhdub
Optional drum sound enchancement
2 outputs, Right Output speaker
emulated (optional)
3 Output metodes: Guitar to L and Drums to R, Guitar and Drums to R/L, Guitar and Drums
to R and Drums to L
External footswitch input to switch
between loop phrases
Micro-B USB Input
9V negative tip power input

High Quality Recording and Big Storage
JTC Pro is an advanced pedal with simplified controls. It’s a dual switch stomp box pedal with 6 hours
of recording capability and 256 loop track memories. And the audio recording quality is 24-bit and
44.1 kHz sample rate.

Dual-Switch Action
Loop and the drum controls are separated, left footswitch (LOOP) controls recording and overdubs,
and start/stop plays the recorded loop tracks. It’s also TAP Tempo control, you can set the drum
speed by tapping the left footswitch before you record a track.

High Quality Drum Sound - Smart Drum Fills
Right footswitch (RHYTHM) controls the drum and it adds a drum fill during the performance.
Drum fills length is one measure (depends on 4/4 or 3/4 rhythms). When you hit the RHYTHM button,
drum fill will start immediately and it will play until the end of the current bar. For example if you push
the switch at 3rd beat -> drums fill length will be 2 beats only.

There are 40 drum patterns and fills including Pop, Rock, Blues, Metal and more other styles
with 3/4 and 4/4 beats.

Start/Stop Modes
It has very useful and stop modes for making your jam sounds like an arranged song during the performance.
There are 2 Start Modes and 3 Stop Modes;

Normal Recording - Classic hit and play looper action.
Auto-Recording - Hit the footswitch first, JTC Pro will stand by until you hit the guitar strings.
And it will start to record with no delay when you hit the first notes. You can wait as long as you want,
until you feel ready to play.

Press and hold the Stop Modes button, and select the start mode; (Ar) Auto-Recording, (Nr) Normal Recording

After you record a track, you can simply push the Stop Modes button, and choose one of the modes to
finish your performance the way you like.

Normal Stop - Double hit to Loop footswitch and the looping track will stop immediately.
Fine Stop - Double hit: The track will play until the end then it will stop, don't forget to hit finishing
chord after it stop.
Fade Out - The track volume will be decreased to 0 slowly in 10 seconds then it will stop.

And, One Shot mode for playing any loaded backing track without looping. You can load any song to play along,
the supported file type is 24-bit 44.1 kHz Stereo Wave (.wav)

You can download NUX Audio File Converter to change the file format. (It doesn't process the audio signal,
it changes the file ID and JTC Pro can recognize the file to play. Main file must be .wav or .mp3 format, please
check the support page for converter guide)

Advanced Output Options and Frequency Optimization (FR ON/OFF)
JTC Pro has 2 outputs and there are several output modes; a stereo connection to two amplifiers, or you
can activate the built-in speaker cabinet simulation for Right Output to send your guitar signal directly to
a PA system (or any PA monitor).

JTC Pro’s drum sound is high quality real sound, when you connect to any guitar amplifier or PA system you
will hear a full range and dynamic drum sounds, still, if you are using a small practice amplifier there is
an optional drum frequency optimization. It makes the drum sounds more clear and helps you to get
a real looper experience with the smaller amplifiers

You will find a guide about Output routing and Frequency Optimization on the support page.

External Footswitch Input
You can connect NUX NMP-2 control footswitch (sold separately) or any equal pedal to use as a controller.
You can switch Up and Down between the memory slots.

When you push the UP or DOWN button, the current track will be played until the end, you can switch right
next to preset or jump between several presets at once

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