NUX B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System

NUX B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System

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NUX B-5RC 2.4GHz Wireless System
B-5RC wireless system fits in perfectly with all types of electric guitar, acoustic-electric guitar,
bass guitar, Ukulele. Enhanced by the latest wireless technology innovation and upgraded
algorithm, B-5/B-5RC can now work well with instruments that are equipped with active
pickups. Moreover, it comes with the ground-breaking auto-matching system which allows
you to enjoy complete freedom without any setup. Enjoy, have fun & rock on !

Operating Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
Audio Quality: 24-bit 44.1 KHz
Transmission Range: 50 feet / 15m line-of-sight
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20kHz
Latency:Less than 5ms
THD+ Noise: Less than 0.05% 1kHz @-10dbFS
Auto-OFF mode
Built-in Battery Capacity: 3.7V/500mA (Transmitter and Receiver)
Power Case Battery Capacity: 4000mAh
Up to 15 hours of playing time

No Buzzing/Humming With The Active Pickups
NUX B-5 RC works perfectly with active/passive electric guitar and bass, and acoustic-electric
guitars with piezo or magnetic pickup. The signal is crystal clear.

High Quality Audio
B-5 Wireless delivers the signal on 2.4 GHZ frequency range. That's a global interference-free
broadcasting range you can use everywhere without a signal break. With the 24-bit 44.1 kHz
audio quality you will never experience unwanted sound degradation

Quick-Play, No Setup RequiredStay Charged, Stay Tuned!
The B-5 wireless has a built-in long-lasting battery, you can play for up to 4 hours non-stop.
And if you leave it ON for 10 minutes without playing, it shuts OFF automatically to save the
battery life. And we created a useful solution for the gigging musician; B-5 RC Power Case is
a charge station for B-5 wireless, it provides up to 15 hours battery life and charges the
wireless system approximately 3 times.

Wireless Freedom
B-5 has a 50-foot (15 meters) line-in-sight wireless streaming distance, and it delivers the
signal between the transmitter and the receiver in less than 5 milliseconds. There's also an
optional Cable Tone simulation to get your tone with the cable capacitive effect without using
a cord. Cable Tone simulation makes your sound as natural as using a high-quality cable.
Press the receiver's power button (short click) to activate the Cable Tone, the LED indicator
will change to ORANGE color.

Ultimate Compatibility
Our goal has always been making it with unbeatable compatibility. We designed the B-5 wireless
to interface on a variety of guitar and bass guitar body types, so there are no issues regarding
tremolo bars or angled input jacks. Slim and light design allows you to play comfortably on any
guitar and bass guitar type, including acoustic guitars and ukulele

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