Superlux S502

Superlux S502

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Superlux S502

Superlux S502l

ORTF Stereo 1/2" True Condenser
Utilizing the most popular stereo recording microphone technique, the S502 combines
a pair of matched cardioid capsules in the ORTF arrangement, saving a lot of time to find
that sweet spot for stereo
recording. Superlux has combined the ORTF technique with its successful S241 and S125
1/2" true condenser technology to develop the S502 as a straight-forward design to
provide experienced engineers the most convenient solution for stereo recording.

The ORTF stereo record mode please refer to the appendix of stereo techniques.

1/2" gold-evaporated diaphragm
ORTF fixed standard capsule arrangement
Sturdy metal body
Balanced output
Best for stereo sound field recording

Classical Music Recording
Location Recording
Studio Recording
Drums Recording

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